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May 4th, 2011

01:35 am - Tadaima ^^
Well... guess I'm back here. :)
Its been a while since I was here for the last time.
Mm... Since then a lot of stuff happened in my life. Like.. studying abroad for one yeah in japanese University of Tsukuba. Aaaahh.. It was an awesome year! The best in my life so far. hehehe ^^
New places, new people, new experiences, new interests..
Now back in Estonia, graduating in June and then.. we'll see what happens. :)

So.. yeah. I just remembered that I used to have a Lj and came here to check it. And so I thought, why not to try to keep it up again. So here I am, writing a post. Don't know how long will it last though.

I have to clean my communities here now.. have so much stuff there, which I don't feel interested in anymore. At least not as much as I used to.. like Arashi and other jainiizu.

Also I probably should change the layout of my journal.. have no idea how to do that though.
But.. we'll see how it goes.

And if there is anyone reading this - Hope you're doing fine! Enjoy your life :)
Current Mood: nostalgicnostalgic

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July 21st, 2008

07:35 pm
So, yes, I'm in London almost for a week already.
Finally, I've got my job. I'm working at flower boutique (open the boutique, water flowers etc). I'll earn only £10 per day, but I'm satisfied, at least I can afford to go to London for a walk every day if only I want to (a ticket for 1 day costs £7 T_T).

I love London, really. *_* It's sooo beautiful!

At home, where I'm living, there is a 9 years old boy and he is sooo funny to watch! I've made a shurikuriimu (from Zettai Kareshi) and I just can't describe how funny he went and took one. He is too shy just to go and to take it, but he really wants it.. ^_^
Current Location: London
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Current Music: KAT-TUN - Bokura no machi de

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July 14th, 2008

04:24 am
Tomorrow (or would it be better to say 'today'?) I'm going to London.
Well, it has been my dream to visit this city for... how many years? for about 10, I think. or more? who cares ^_^ It's just that I'm feeling really strange about it. I know nothing for sure and it makes me worry. But, I'll deal with it somehow, なんとかなるさ。^_^

It's 4:30 a.m. here and I'm still not sleeping. but my dad is. on my bed. instead of me. What a...? xD It's time to wake him up and to send to feed puppies. Maybe I should show you some pics of them? They're sooo cute! I'm feeling sorry for leaving them now.

P.S. I think I have to change my layout here. But honestly talking I have no idea how to. ANyone to help me out? =)
Current Mood: sleepysleepy

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June 22nd, 2008

09:55 pm - about nothing
I've decided to write here more often, but what should I write about? Eternal question, ne. (: I don't do any icons, wallpapers or videos, neither I write fics. I've already got a diary for describing my personal life. What then?
Well, we'll see. ^_^

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April 20th, 2008

03:32 am - Coming back?
Lately I've been thinking about posting here something. It's been a while since my last post here, hasn't it? Hehe ^.^"
Hisashiburi da nee~

First of all, I think, I should change the design of this and also my icons...


First of all, I have to finish writing my work for university and only then... I'm ready to do everything except for my writing. I'm so lazy, shame upon my head. xD I'm seriously starting to hate this.

But okay, see you sometime.
Current Mood: sleepysleepy

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December 31st, 2004

04:35 pm - Happy New Year!!!
I wish everyone a Happy New Year!!! ^___~

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December 29th, 2004

07:02 pm - Hi!
Hello! I've created this lj long ago only because I needed to be logged in that time. I haven't written here before but I hope I will do that in future. At first I'd like to describe myself. I am Irina, 17 years old girl from Estland. I'm Russian. I'm interested in many things and my interests are changing almost every month. ^__^ Sorry, I don't know jet what to post here. I hope at least 1 person will read my lj. :) I'm making Happy New Year cards for my family now so I'll continue my work.

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